Soya 2030

In anticipation of the apocalypse, WRMC presents Soya 2030 (from our 55 Soya product line), a complete artist's ration. Inside every box, artists will find a nutrient-rich endeavor delivering high-quality, sweet and savory experiences that infuse the ingredients of humor and play into simple recipes. Through a unique fermentation process, subtle orange hues are released and add spice and elucidation to create complex flavors. The complete ProjectSoya product line offers your full daily value of carbohydrates, antioxidants, protein, fiber, Omega-3, healthy fats, and a number of vitamins and minerals to stimulate your mind.

Through the use of generic food packaging and branding, WRMC explores the end of days through what might be left behind. By summoning the spirit of Andy Warhol through screen printed boxes and an ink drawing, we suggest a new role for capitalism and consumer culture in the post-apocalyptic world. In addition, we co-opt consumerism and advertising as a means of living in perpetuity. Rather than merely offering actual food, WRMC provides intellectual brain fodder as well as a soy seed to begin anew.

WRMC is ProjectSoya

sweet and savory experiences